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Own a pair of handmade cowboy boots.


This is the really fun part, cause I can do and will do whatever you want me to (so long as it is legal). So what I'll do is talk options and then give you steps on how to get started.

Design & Style

Custom boots should look, well -- custom. So you get to decide what they look like. You get to decide how pointed the toe is, how high the hill is, what sorta straps you want... Shoot, I´ll even let you design the stiching pattern (that is of course unless you´d rather have me choose). Of course I like making good ole' traditional cowboy boots. E-mail me and I'll send you out all the information you need. 


I started selling leather a good long time ago, so I know quality, and with my connections I can get good value. I have made boots from all sorts of leathers and you get to choose any kind you want (My favorite is kangaroo).  You name it and I can probably get it. And Oh yea, I can get any color you want. If you have any further questions about leather go ahead and e-mail me and I can answer any questions you may have.

Lets get another thing clear, I can do great in-lay designs - your initials, cactus, or really anything. I can do it and do it well. Take a look at some cowboy boot picuters for some more ideas.

Here are some other common requests:

Birthday boots…
Tired of the same old birthday presents? This year tell um you want Boots by George! I´ve made plenty of boots as gifts… one fella was turnin´ 50 and wanted a boot to commemerate the big five oh. So if you´re tunin´ 20, 30, 40... please stop me. You get the idea.

Wedding boots…
Nothin´ says country wedding like the bride and groom decked out in boots. I made a pair for a couple headed to Vegas and inlayed the date of the ceramony, their names, and the king & queen of hearts.

Rodeo Queen boots…
I´ve made boots for two Miss Rodeo Arizonas, Miss Rodeo Montana, and Miss Rodeo Utah. If you´ve got a pagent coming up let me know and I can make you stand out above the competition!

Sports Boots…
This might sound a little silly, but I´ve made more than one pair of boots for sports fans. Boots for coaches that have the college or high school mascot in-layed. Boots for mascots (mainly Cowboy mascots of course.) Boots for fans that want to show a little school spirit. If you are any kinda fan you ought to have the boots to prove it! Just remember that some logos etc. are copywrited so we have to be legal, but we can put together a boot to go along with your barrel outfit, painted face, or cheese head.

Now lets wrap this up...what you need to do is send me an email and ask all the questions I did´t answer; simply click the email address at the bottom of this page or give me a call (that would even be better). I'm excited to get your pair started!

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